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Gold Mining Journal is Australia’s only dedicated gold mining industry magazine.

Published quarterly, the magazine offers comprehensive coverage of the gold industry both in Australia and worldwide.

In addition to contributions from respected columnists, widespread news coverage on the gold sector is provided by Gold Mining Journal’s journalists, who frequently visit mines in Australia and around the world with mining company executives.

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July - September 2018

Volume 1, Issue 134

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Despite its expertise in greenfields exploration, the Steve Parsons-led Draig Resources is revisiting the historic Bellevue gold project, near Leinster in Western Australia. Nestled in nickel-rich territory, Bellevue was one of Australia’s highest grade mines at its peak, with Draig believing it has more to give. Mark Andrews accompanied a group of investors and analysts on site with Draig to find out how…


The annual Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum is upon us again and GMJ will be in full force in Kalgoorlie in early August. This year’s forum promises to be one of the biggest events in recent years, with companies in other commodities starting to feel the buzz gold players have experienced for some time…


Gold exploration is back in vogue and there is no hotter region than West Africa. The region’s potential has always been known, but funding hasn’t always been forthcoming. Amid a bull market for gold, positive sentiment is returning to explorers chasing elephants in West Africa, with Ivory Coast high on the radar …

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