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Australia’s Paydirt magazine is a highly regarded mining magazine which circulates internationally and features diverse coverage of the metals and minerals industry.

For over 20 years, the monthly publication has delivered news, opinion and features focusing on the latest developments in the resources sector worldwide.

Paydirt’s journalists travel far and wide to bring its readership in depth coverage of companies and emerging projects within Australia and around the world.  

The magazine plays an important role in the sector and thrives on providing key insights on the mining industry to a loyal and receptive audience, including senior mining executives, financial institutions and investors.

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December 2018 - January 2019

Volume 1, Issue 267

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The reurgence of the West Australian nickel sector continues following Western Areas Ltd’s decision to start construction of the Odysseus mine at the Cosmos nickel complex near Leinster following completion of a DFS. Ramp up at Odysseusis expected to begin at the end of FY2021, ensuring its move into full production  coincides with the expected upticket in nickel damand generated by the EV reports…


Paydirt editor Dominic Piper travelled to Italy & Scotland and found to Australian companies at different stages in their European adventures. Alta Zinc has been ploughing away for a number of years at Gorno, northern Italy, and appears to be on the development path at the project. Meanwhile, Walkabout is just beginning its trek in the Scottish hills, Piper provides extensive extensive coverage from both site visits.


Australia’s miners and explorers have established formidable reputations in South America, Africa and Asia, but can they do the same in Europe? There are now more than 40 ASX-listed companies with varied interests across the continent and no doubt their success will  see many more move into the region. Paydirt takes a look at some of the players establishing themselves early in Europe…

Australian Nickel Conference

A 350-strong crowd turned out for this year’s Australian Nickel Conference. The one-day event attracted the world’s best nickel miners and explorers to share their stories at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Perth. The sector is thriving on the importance of the base metal to the emerging EV and battery markets, however, stainless steel consumption still commands the lion share of global production. Paydirt covered the conference from all angles to find out just where the industry is heading…

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For over 20 years, the Australia’s Paydirt monthly publication has delivered news, opinion and features focusing on the latest developments in the resources sector worldwide.

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